Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2009

Friday, May 16, 2008


Kinklesville is my fake Metropolis, that is situated at the end of the English Channel to the SW of Cornwall and the NW of Brittany. It is shaped like a huge RAF Roundel, 100 miles in diameter. The inner (Red) district is 25 miles in diameter and this is where the city centre is. It is also the home for Kinkle's Ltd. Each division of the company has its own skyscraper which are all around the center Citadel, which is similar to the one in City 17 on the PC game Half Life 2, which is about 1 mile tall. The 2nd (White) district is where all the residential areas are; houses, shops small parks ect. Finally the 3rd (Blue) district is where all the big parks, forests, lakes, farms, airports of which there are 4, coast, and docks, again 4. The transportation in Kinklesville is extremely good, with motorways circling each district and main roads joining them. The train and boat network is similar. Because the technology is so advanced in Kinklesville we have flying cars and teleportation access.
The population of Kinklesville is about 100,000. This was previously much greater, but most of them where Sgt Punished The Military strength dominates the place with a quater of the population being in it. It is very strong, advanced and versitile. The main military base is underneath the Kinkle's Ltd. tower, of which it has access to the tower. There is a vast underground network under the city that joins all of the other military bases together. There are several smaller bases dotted around the city every 10sq miles, and a large sentry tower every 1sq mile, and smaller sentry towers every 100m2
The Kinkle's Ltd. tower is very complex, it has small runways, helipads, cranes and other cool stuff coming out of it. The towers defence are greater than some small countrys with missile and rocket lauchers, Machine Guns, and other leathal stuff. Plus right in the centre if the tower there is a 50m tall Nuke, that could destroy the world if anything went wrong, and if the population revolts against TMK, he will escape in his Escape Pod, and set off the nuke, killing everyone in Kinklesville instantly, and eventually the rest of the world (except the British Empire which will be back up then) The Communications on it are extreme: There are huge sattilite dishes on the top, and sattilites can be launched directly from the tower into space.
The Immigration is very tight in Kinklesville. No foregin people are alowed to live or work there. They can only go there on holiday for a maximum of 2 weeks. Kinklesville is also part of The British Empire but it obviously has its own government, rules and laws.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

British Armed Forces Uniform Crisis

This is an appauling story, that serving members of the British Armed forces, mainly the RAF are not allowed to wear their uniform when they are not on their base, like going into the local town for example. This has been mainly the case with RAF Wittering (i think). The problems are they these men and women are being abused by the Public, like being spat on or abuse being shouted at them. The last time when we were not allowed to wear our uniform in public ,was 20 years ago in N. Ireland, because of the IRA, and it was a sercurity risk.

I think that this is aboslutly awful. They should be allowed to wear their uniform with pride and the public should respect the hard work that they are doing for the country. I'd like to see those civilians pick up a rifle and go shoot some Taliban, i bet they couldn't, no, because they are too scared. Our troops are brave and the best in the world! Long Live Brittania. Britain Is Best!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Day That Shook The World, Well England Anyway! (Cick Here for BBC News Story)

At 12:56PM GMT on the night of the 26th Febuary, and earthquake struck England, which measured 5.2 on the Richter Scale. The main quake lasted for about 10 seconds and the after shock happened about 4AM GMT the following morning on the 27th. The epicentre was in a place called Market Rasen, near Gainsborough in Linconshire, England. About 45 miles away from where i live. It was the biggest in England for nearly 25 years! It came from 9.6 miles down in the Earth

When it happened i thought it was in my dream like most people did, i thought i was shaking violently in my sleep. My mum came into the room and she thought i was shaking as well. My dad and my brother then woke up and we started to talk about it, and that it could have not been me skaking, becasue how could i shake the whole house. At first i did think it was my dream and then i thought a metorite struck. Then afterwards when i tried to get back to sleep, i had a thought that the Grim Reaper was strangling me in my room so hard, that the whole house shook. My mum then came in and started to hit him!

Some of the names i called the earthquake are:

  • Fart-quake
  • Kendal Mint Quake
  • Quake Deathmatch
  • Quake 5
  • Carrot Quake
  • and Birthday Quake!

For video see

Monday, February 25, 2008


Yesterday my brother bought a Wii from Game in Bridlington, I bought a PC Headset. They are both very cool. Nintendo & Microsoft rule, Sony is GAY, and so is Apple!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The War On/Against Terror

I think TWAT (The War Against Terror) which includes Iraq and Afganistan, is good and bad. Good that it is killing most of the terrorists of Al-Queda and also sorting out Iraq and Iran. Saddams death was very good, he was a very bad man. Now we just have to wait until they capture Bin Laden and kill him. But it is also bad because young troops are going out there and some of them are being injured or even worse killed! It is also bad that we have been in there for so long and not very much has been done!

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Well hello there i have just updated the layout and the content of this site loads check it out. Also from on i will try to publish regular News Events that are going on in the world and you can comment on them.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas

Its a bit late now but i want to say i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and i wish you all a happy New Year!

Kinkle's Ltd.

Kinkle's Ltd is my fake company i made up in 2003. it is this huge company like Walmart but it does Logistics, Distribution, Commerce, and Media. It has its huge headquaters campus in Kinklesville (My fake Metropolis) which has hundreds of amenities, like a small city, within a city itself. We have a fleet of trucks of 1000, all custom painted, like Eddie Stobart Ltd. A fleet of aircraft from biplanes to Cessna's & Boeing 747-400’s to an Antonov An-225. And a fleet of sea craft from Submarines to Aircraft Carriers. Whatever the load you need doing . We Will do it the next day. That’s a Promise. Guaranteed. Are main headquarters is situated in the heart of Kinklesville. The complex is 100 acres and we have full amenities on site: from restaurants to hairdressers & bowling alleys to pubs. We have 5 huge Multi-Storey Car Parks each with an automated computer controlled parking system. The complex we call ‘The Mega City’ has 3 huge lakes, picnic areas, golf courses and all the leisure activities you could imagine.
Here our the other divisional companies that we own: TMK Productions: Kinklesville’s leading media company
The Fart Factory: The world leading company for Fake Farts and other practical jokes
Dead Man Inc: Kinklesville’s senior producer for weapons and other firearms. Owned by Will Booth
Jay Dee Initiative: A smaller media company from TMK Productions. Owned by JD
Lost & Found Pictures: Another small media company. Owned by BM
Dead Man Media: The media company of Dead Man Inc

Friday, December 21, 2007


Welcome to my Blog, here you will find all the latest goings on in the World!

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