Friday, December 28, 2007

Kinkle's Ltd.

Kinkle's Ltd is my fake company i made up in 2003. it is this huge company like Walmart but it does Logistics, Distribution, Commerce, and Media. It has its huge headquaters campus in Kinklesville (My fake Metropolis) which has hundreds of amenities, like a small city, within a city itself. We have a fleet of trucks of 1000, all custom painted, like Eddie Stobart Ltd. A fleet of aircraft from biplanes to Cessna's & Boeing 747-400’s to an Antonov An-225. And a fleet of sea craft from Submarines to Aircraft Carriers. Whatever the load you need doing . We Will do it the next day. That’s a Promise. Guaranteed. Are main headquarters is situated in the heart of Kinklesville. The complex is 100 acres and we have full amenities on site: from restaurants to hairdressers & bowling alleys to pubs. We have 5 huge Multi-Storey Car Parks each with an automated computer controlled parking system. The complex we call ‘The Mega City’ has 3 huge lakes, picnic areas, golf courses and all the leisure activities you could imagine.
Here our the other divisional companies that we own: TMK Productions: Kinklesville’s leading media company
The Fart Factory: The world leading company for Fake Farts and other practical jokes
Dead Man Inc: Kinklesville’s senior producer for weapons and other firearms. Owned by Will Booth
Jay Dee Initiative: A smaller media company from TMK Productions. Owned by JD
Lost & Found Pictures: Another small media company. Owned by BM
Dead Man Media: The media company of Dead Man Inc

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