Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Day That Shook The World, Well England Anyway! (Cick Here for BBC News Story)

At 12:56PM GMT on the night of the 26th Febuary, and earthquake struck England, which measured 5.2 on the Richter Scale. The main quake lasted for about 10 seconds and the after shock happened about 4AM GMT the following morning on the 27th. The epicentre was in a place called Market Rasen, near Gainsborough in Linconshire, England. About 45 miles away from where i live. It was the biggest in England for nearly 25 years! It came from 9.6 miles down in the Earth

When it happened i thought it was in my dream like most people did, i thought i was shaking violently in my sleep. My mum came into the room and she thought i was shaking as well. My dad and my brother then woke up and we started to talk about it, and that it could have not been me skaking, becasue how could i shake the whole house. At first i did think it was my dream and then i thought a metorite struck. Then afterwards when i tried to get back to sleep, i had a thought that the Grim Reaper was strangling me in my room so hard, that the whole house shook. My mum then came in and started to hit him!

Some of the names i called the earthquake are:

  • Fart-quake
  • Kendal Mint Quake
  • Quake Deathmatch
  • Quake 5
  • Carrot Quake
  • and Birthday Quake!

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