Thursday, March 13, 2008

British Armed Forces Uniform Crisis

This is an appauling story, that serving members of the British Armed forces, mainly the RAF are not allowed to wear their uniform when they are not on their base, like going into the local town for example. This has been mainly the case with RAF Wittering (i think). The problems are they these men and women are being abused by the Public, like being spat on or abuse being shouted at them. The last time when we were not allowed to wear our uniform in public ,was 20 years ago in N. Ireland, because of the IRA, and it was a sercurity risk.

I think that this is aboslutly awful. They should be allowed to wear their uniform with pride and the public should respect the hard work that they are doing for the country. I'd like to see those civilians pick up a rifle and go shoot some Taliban, i bet they couldn't, no, because they are too scared. Our troops are brave and the best in the world! Long Live Brittania. Britain Is Best!

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